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Garnet Gemstone Bracelet - January Birthstone - BayBee Boutique

Garnet Gemstone Bracelet - January Birthstone

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Garnet is best known for being the birthstone for January, and the stone that celebrates the 2nd anniversary of marriage. The name “garnet” comes from the Latin word Garanatus, meaning "seedlike" in reference to a pomegranate. 

As a gemstone, Garnet is used to boost the immune system, as well as your energy levels. It is often used as a stone to open and balance the first chakra (the root). As it is a stone of commitment, it is found to revitalize feeling, enhance sexuality, bring warmth and devotion to a relationship, and to maintain balance and sincerity in a relationship.

Each bracelet measures approximately 7" end to end and is strung on clear, elastic cord that stretches slightly. Each bracelet is unique and beautiful in its own way, thus variations from the pictures should be expected.

Care Instructions
Remove prior to bath or swim times as exposure to soaps, detergents, and other chemicals can clog the pores of the Lava stone. Do not wash in the dishwasher, washing machine, or submerge in soapy water.

Safety Instructions
This piece is intended for ages 12 years and older. Do not allow child to play with or chew on beads. 

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